We protect the Environment

The Arctic is ground zero for climate change; temperatures are rising at four times the rate of the rest of the planet. Villages are eroding into the sea, permafrost melt threatens the integrity of infrastructure, and food sources are disappearing. 

Dangerous oil drilling will compound the devastating climate impacts already being felt across America’s Arctic, harming communities already bearing the brunt of the changing climate.

For example, according to a report, locking in new oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge creates a slow-fuse time bomb that will increase carbon emissions around the world for decades. The same impacts will be felt from any oil and gas development in the Reserve – including ConocoPhillips massive Willow project. This is antithetical to addressing climate change. 

We need to preserve and protect intact ecosystems, like the Arctic Refuge and the Reserve in the Western Arctic, not disregard the devastating biological, cultural, and climate impacts fossil fuel extraction will have on top of the impacts already being felt in the rapidly warming Arctic. 

Join us to protect the environment for generations to come.

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